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Alternatively, insert macguffin’d power used to justify the GMing while still avoiding to use the term directly.

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autumn is literally the best season if you think otherwise then fight me

oh god there was a second ONE

in a completely unrelated, i had completely forgotten about this music video my friend made using a song my other friend made using clips from this mock-machinima i made on gmod years back

its actually some of the catchiest shit ive listened to tbh

uh oh

So they removed the golem in the box from the vendor at Jetzar Falls….

Roj hasn’t come up yet so I don’t know if she still sells them yet, but if she doesn’t, this is some shit yo

They fixed /me everyone!

So here’s something, Anet.

Now that we have a minipet’s wardrobe tab, why don’t we expand on this a bit more with some customization?

Customization in the form of particle effects, basically like how TF2’s unusual hats function and how the couriers in Dota2 function.

You’ll be able to craft/find/buy these infusions, special ones like Wintersday snow effects and Mad King circling flaming pumpkins may either be purchased through the gemstore, done through achievements, or found in containers at a very low drop drate.

Many other infusions would include things like shocking particle effects, fire, possibly even a smoke effect, chaotic magic, circling leaves that blow in the wind and even a toxic sludge effect that would make it seem like your minipet is dripping with toxic runoff!

These could most certainly be disabled as it would most likely cause stress on older machines, but yes.