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Not many colors on this oneeee but here’s a Leo!

i do a misvia this tiem

(Yes I’m still doing theseeee, working down a list)


I’m completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that enjoy my silly little art-style, and how many people actually wanted arts doneeee

I dunno what more else I can say other than I love you guys D:!

Anonymous asked:
r u a wizard

yes :)

more dumbsura, working on the final two later because arm hurts

mouse drawing hurts :(


watch how bad i draw, call me names and criticize me

listen to me breath and get frustrated with art because i suck

hey losers

im in a drawing mood

reblog with a ref and ill draw your asura in my shitty little art style (asura only because i suck at everything else)

everything is done with a mouse so go easy on me~

ps: all you’ll get is a face portrait cus i suck

i do more shitty little mouse arts for friends that are feeling more shitty than my sad arts