Wherein I submit Guild Wars 2 related posts as well as anything else that interests me. [Keggin on Guild Wars 2 (Tarnished Coast), or Hunter.8372]


Aaaah I keep forgetting to post this since it was on my laptop and not my desktop. Have a goof.

Sorry Keggin ;;


its me ;;

in this moment i am euphoric

not because of some bookah god’s blessings

but because i am enlightened by the eternal alchemy

late night rp with INQ


drew a krazza this tiem

The things here are adorable. keep it up :DD


An old one I did awhile ago for Trikkerz that I decided to color and animate a bit

she be jammin

Final three! (Seriously thanks again guys for the support, I’m still surprised so many people wanted these silly little portraits done, despite them being little quickie things I do for fun. Seriously, I really enjoyed it!)

Batch one!

Not many colors on this oneeee but here’s a Leo!

i do a misvia this tiem

(Yes I’m still doing theseeee, working down a list)