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[Keggin on Guild Wars 2 (Tarnished Coast), or Hunter.8372]


So I was looking at my old drawings and I thought “Damn Lizerus, you’re terrible at Asura proportions.” It’s alright though, I am willing to improve and I have to say, I nailed it.

That’s how the golemancer armbrace looks like right? Yeah, I think that’s right.



today on: I shouldn’t be playing solo queues.

Some pictures from my old Tumblr.

Basically I managed to glitch underneath Malchor’s Leap, hoping to find the elusive ‘Displaced Shadow Behemoth Model’, which sprouted from a little fairy-tale where someone claimed to have seen a misplaced model of Shadow Behemoth in the depths of the ‘Dark Zone’ in Malchor’s Leap.

Spent an hour and a half I believe, swimming through every end of the zone, only to find nothing but some pretty cool screenshots.

mybe you have the rifle from a pvp match I've also some epic dungeon scins from dungeons i've never seen inside

This is what I’m guessing, since I used to do PvP A LOT, but the other thing is, I would’ve known, because I’d always scroll the PvP locker to set up new outfits.

But, since The Hunter had a different icon before the feature patch (Generic rifle icon), it’s very possible I had it all along, but never noticed it.

Scrolling through my wardrobe at six in the morning when I find this.


Me, every time we hit the Charr fractal.