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GW2 30 Day- Day 02 - The biggest jerk you’ve dealt with (in game)? Enforcer Rekkt.


After a lot of thought, I decided that yes, I am going to speak out.

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I’m going to take a moment here to reblog this since it appears this player in particular has possibly returned to the community. This warning needs to not be forgotten, not unless you want to deal with someone with serious sociopathic tendencies.

I wrote a huge story about this individual on my other blog but it went away when I deleted the blog itself. I don’t entirely want to take the time to rewrite everything that happened between me and the player, but I simply wasn’t the only person affected by him (Read through the reblogs for additional stories)

All I can offer is a sincere warning to steer clear of him at all times.

Personally I find it useless to just stand here and complain about something that Anet has no interest in at the moment, considering they’re so tunnel visioned on their own little projects to give the community exactly what they want at this given time.

But damn community, you sure are strong.

my thoughts concerning the possible no return of SAB

no pls

all these five nights at freddy’s posts on my dashboard

pls stop

im still traumatized from when i streamed

Want to hear me cry in fear on mic?

I’m going to be playing Five Nights at Freddy’s in the next few moments on my Twitch, possibly accompanied by un-fitting samba music playing lowly in the background.


What is Five Nights at Freddy’s?

It’s a point and click horror game just recently released on IndieDB, it’s basically like those old-school 90s horror games with graphics similar to that of, well, a 90s horror game.

And that’s what makes it fucking terryfing.




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Have some more calm music, Tumblr.

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