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Got 60 level tomes (and several level 20 experience scrolls) and made this

For the nerds in this shot, it’s been a year since this. Fuck, I miss the good ol’ days when you idiots still played.


Spambots these days. They don’t even try.



Yeah baka fuck you!
— ??:Keggin (via savanahsthoughts)

best one yet omg

(Source: Spotify)

3, 6, 9,16, 20, 22 ~~ (◠‿◠✿)

Oh gee that’s a lot, alrighty here we gooooo..

3 - Sunblocks, by Ratatat

6 - Through The Night, by Grum

9 - Show Me, by Mint Royale

16 - Don’t really have any :(

20 - Such Great Heights, by The Postal Service

22 - Something Good Can Work - by Two Door Cinema Club